Get in the best shape of your life!

Welcome to the new „Thrive Zone“ Personal Training Studio. Where our team of highly trained experts guides you towards your individual fitness goals!


We will guide you through the process of unlocking your full physical potential and get in the best shape of your life, using science based methods that work in your everyday life!“
So you will feel betterlook better, and perform better in every aspect of your life.

Our Team

Our team of highly educated experts will guide you safely along the quickest route towards your individual goals!



Andreas is the founder of the „Thrive Zone“ concept, sports scientist and personal trainer with 17 years of experience in successful training with a wide variety of customers.

One of his specialties is lasting body transformation, especially for actors, artists and models. In addition, he is a regular guest as a fitness expert on various television and radio programs.

Andreas speaks German and English.


Personal Trainer

Sam is a personal trainer since 2018 and continued to educate herself continuously. Her highest degree in integrative Exercise, Movement and Health Science (MSc) allows her to holistically work with you regardless of age, gender or health status.

There are no limits, just opportunities. She will be always at your side, bring you in shape while making sure you are going to be your healthiest version. Sam is an expert on mindset change and fascial work. Intending to rethink your daily routines for your best. 

She speaks German and English.


Personal Trainer

Dustin is a Personal Trainer and has over 8 years of fitness and nutrition coaching experience. He is also a specialized martial arts and self-defense trainer. Among other clients, he trains professional boxers and special forces of the police. As a trained star chef, he will show you how you can not only eat healthy but also eat extremely tasty food.

Dustin speaks German and English.


Personal Trainer

Alicja is a personal trainer with a master’s degree in sports science. She has specialized in bodybuilding, strength training and nutritional advice for weigth loss,  as well as the care of pregnant women before and after childbirth.

Alicja speaks English, German and Polish.


Personal Trainer

Emilio is a personal trainer with more than 10 years of experience.

Through various qualifications and certifications in functional training, and many years of practical experience, he has built up a professional expertise in movement optimization and functionality. He has helped many people with pain and imbalances to regain a free and dynamic sense of body awareness.

Additionally, Emilio is one of the few licensed instructors of Functional Patterns in Berlin.

As a former amateur boxer he teaches authentic boxing training for beginners.

Emilio speaks German and English


Personal Trainer

Julia is an advanced yoga teacher, with more than 17 years of experience.

In her classes she combines Hatha-/ and Vinyasa Flows, Yin Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation skills.

She also teaches mindfulness trainings for stress management, which is particularly valued for burnout prevention and intensively incorporated into business yoga classes, school yoga classes and personal 1:1 yoga.

Julia speaks English and German

Check out the Studio

Our Thrive Zone Studio is designed for optimal individualised training
What we offer
Everything you need to achieve your goals!

Our trainers combine years of experience as a personal trainer with the most diverse people with a sports science background to guide you safely towards reaching yopur goals!

Small Group Personal Training takes place in small groups of 3-5 people with similar goals and allows you to reap all the benefits of personal training for only a fraction of the price. Feel the motivation that comes from it!

With the help of our unique, holistic coaching system called „Entering the Thrive Zone“ you will learn how to optimize all areas of a healthy and balanced  lifestyle so that you not only achieve your training goals better, but also feel positive effects in all other areas of life.

Your individual physical goals can only be achieved in combination with a targeted nutritional structure. Our Thrive Zone nutritional structure ensures that you reach your goals sustainably and healthily!

To round off our offer, you will even learn from us how to behave properly in violent confrontations and how to survive them as unscathed as possible. At some point in life there comes a situation in which this knowledge and ability decides between life and death!

Our Specialties

Body Transformation

Building up active body mass, reducing body fat and improving posture ultimately lead to a completely new attitude towards your body and life. The body forming program combines the positive optical effect of muscle building with a strict diet plan. The result is a muscular and well-defined body with all the health benefits that come with such a change.

Weight loss / body fat reduction

With the help of a targeted individual nutritional structure in combination with intensive training, your body will be able to sustainably break down excess fat. Physical training and a healthy diet become part of your active lifestyle in the long term. So you don’t fall back into old habits.

Strength/ Muscle Development

If you want to increase your strength in a healthy way and build visible muscles, you’ve come to the right place! We will help you to develop your individual strength potential and build up your muscles in the best possible way!

Actors/ Models Coaching

Actors, musicians and models belong to a profession whose success depends directly on their physical fitness and health as well as their visual appearance. In addition, like competitive athletes, they often have to be at their best at an immovable date. Benefit from my many years of experience in this area.

Get Pain Free

Both pain caused by unnatural sitting activities and general neglect of the body, or as a result of sports injuries or misuse, we will help you to get through everyday life and training again as pain-free as possible.

Defend yourself against violent attacks

We teach you the basics of self-defense against violent attacks. The ability to make the right decisions in exceptional situations and to defend yourself if necessary. You may only really need this skillset once in your life. But in that one moment everything might be decided. Then you want to be as prepared as possible!

Personal Training Prices

prices for 1:1 Personal Training with our Team

per session

most flexible option
Per hour
  • individually tailored training
  • individually tailored training
  • including studio fee
  • including towel service

10 sessions

most popular
10 Session package
  • individually tailored training
  • long term goal setting
  • individualised plan
  • including studio fee
  • including towel service

20 session

lowest price/ hour
20 Sessions Package
  • individually tailored training
  • long term goal setting
  • individualised plan
  • including towel service

Group Training Prices

The benefits of Personal Training with the energy of the group (3-5 participants)

per session

per hour
  • including coaching fee


Per Month
  • including coaching fee

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